Exchange trips "United in diversity: overcoming stereotypes and conflicts, establishing dialogue between young people of the East, South and West of Ukraine".

Lviv, 29-31.03.2015

Activities and events during the exchange trip:

  • Meetings with the local authorities.
  • Press briefing “Cooperation of the Lviv City Council and public organizations/initiatives (in the Great Assembly Hall of Lviv City Council).
  • Meeting with Yriy Zvir, coordinator of internships at the Lviv City Council (former YA-intern).
  • Trainings on communication, stereotypes, manipulations, behavior in conflicts, project management (development, tools, realization, search for partners and stakeholders, information campaign, roles and teams), inclusive democracy, levels and forms of interaction between government and the community, local authorities – legislative and practical dimension, elections and its technologies, human rights and advocacy, access to the information, document preparation (complaints, propositions etc.), e-governance and its challenges in Ukraine.
  • City tour in Lviv.

Trainers – Oleg Grishin, Poman Koshovyj, Oleksandra Riazantseva


Ukrainian language