Exchange trips "United in diversity: overcoming stereotypes and conflicts, establishing dialogue between young people of the East, South and West of Ukraine"

22-24.05.2015, Kamyanets-Podilsky

Main topics and activities:

  • Youth forum (Department of the Humanitarian Policy at the local City Council).
  • Communication rights and freedoms in the liberal-democratic and totalitarian systems. (Mini-lecture, presentation, interactive discussion.)
  • Diploma or experience? How to turn your studies at the university into experience and earnings. (Mini-lecture, presentation, discussion.)
  • Decentralization in the process of strengthening the participation of citizens in local affairs. (Mini-lecture, presentation, discussion.)
  • Mobilisation of community to joint actions, mechanisms of cooperation: myth or reality? (Mini-lecture, presentation, discussion.)
  • Elections and voters. Towards local elections. (Mini-lecture.)
  • NGOs and election process. (Mini-lecture, discussion, debate.)
  • Active young people - active citizens - strong state. (Mini-lecture, presentation, interactive discussion.)
  • Presentation of the YA's project “United in Diversity” + press briefing and interviews.



Ukrainian language