Problem Analysis for Psychological and Social-economic Adaptation and Integration of Female IDPs in Hosting Communities (Vinnytsia, Lviv and Kyiv regions)

The research was conducted in November-December 2016 for the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine in the framework of project “Addressing Conflict-related Threats to Social Security in Ukraine” implemented at the request of and in partnership with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.


Respect for the rights of national minorities in Ukraine

The collection will be interesting to anyone, who are interested in issues related to the life and problems of national minorities of Ukraine. It will help understand deeply the basis, upon which rich and balanced life exist, where one out of four are not representative of the titular nation.


From Magdeburg to your city: through the eyes of those, who care

Active young people developed a presentation of their regions / city through the prism of its institutions of local government, the establishment of European legal systems, commonness of development of European models and prepare appropriate accompanying essay.


Assessment of the capacity of the public sector in cooperation of local governments and public authorities: regional characteristics

To date, the public sector in Ukraine has reached a certain stage of development, when there is the phase of transition from quantity to quality. Organizations are perceived by authorities and citizens seriously, because, first of all, for further effective development, it is necessary to define the model of interaction local self organization and central government bodies.


Citizen participation in government: regional characteristics

Public participation in government increases its effectiveness, helps to identify and eliminate deficiencies in the executive and administrative bodies, encourage social activity of citizens, their interest in the successful public affairs. In the process of formation of democratic and constitutional state, various forms of citizen participation in the activities of the executive power of the state developed. Collective forms of citizen participation in government became more important.


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