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What we do
Support for local initiatives for long-term integration of IDPs (focusing on women) in host communities
Age matters!
P[art] of the community
Joint efforts of IDPs and community: promotion of the integration of the youth among IDPs into host communities
Promotion and dissemination of European values and culture through active participation in national cultural and sporting events in Ukraine
New home: Integration of young people among IDPs into new communities
Preparing future leaders for Ukraine
Internship Program and development of human resources capacity of Service Centers of MOI
School of Young Democracy
Young professionals for local governments
tudy visit to Sweden within the program “Young Generation Will Change Ukraine”
Youth among IDPs, help yourself and others in finding solutions to the urgent problems
Isar ednannya
US Embassy Project: “Motivating and Training Young People to Influence Local Policy”
Students for Parliament
Sharing Experience in Organizing Parliamentary Internship Programs in Ukraine and Moldova
Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices in the field of interethnic relations among youth
From Magdeburg to your City: in the Eyes of Those who aren’t Indifferent
Analytical support to
Workshops - trainings in the local self-government development for newly elected deputies of the local councils
Democracy and Market Economy Seminars in the regions
Economic Seminars for Future Leaders
Get-out-the-vote campaign
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Economic Seminars for Future Leaders

Donor Center for International Private Enterprise

In 1998, Youth Alternative launched Economic Seminars for Future Leaders project aimed at increasing young leaders' understanding of the principles of market economy. During 1998-1999 Youth Alternative organized six seminars. These seminars introduced Western economic values to young people who would likely play future leading roles in Ukraine. Such values included market-based democracy as well as the rule of law.

The goals of the seminars were:

  • to support the consolidation of a democratic system in Ukraine by helping to bring entrepreneurial ideas, values, and characteristics to the young generation entering politics
  • to improve understanding of privatization and development of small and medium -sized private enterprises among young political activists
  • to strengthen the entrepreneurial aspect of parties’ agendas by enhancing the business knowledge of young people, members of those parties.


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