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Support for local initiatives for long-term integration of IDPs (focusing on women) in host communities
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P[art] of the community
Joint efforts of IDPs and community: promotion of the integration of the youth among IDPs into host communities
Promotion and dissemination of European values and culture through active participation in national cultural and sporting events in Ukraine
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Internship Program and development of human resources capacity of Service Centers of MOI
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Sharing Experience in Organizing Parliamentary Internship Programs in Ukraine and Moldova
Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices in the field of interethnic relations among youth
From Magdeburg to your City: in the Eyes of Those who aren’t Indifferent
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Workshops - trainings in the local self-government development for newly elected deputies of the local councils
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Objectives: initiate joint discussion of youth among IDPs and local community youth in selected regions on how to integrate IDPs into new environment, on the role of IDPs in new communities; train youth among IDPs & local youth how to co-operate with local authorities in order to make voice of youth be heard & taken into account by decision-making as well as promote active citizenship in general; raise capacity of youth among IDPs & local youth in the field of street art (murals) as a tool for building interaction between IDPs and locals within the community. Initiate real joint work on several murals after development of sketches with key (visual) messages to local communities on such topics like coexistence and integration, stereotypes, youth activism, peace etc.; improve knowledge and skills of young IDPs in the field of opportunities for cross-border cooperation in order to strengthen the role and impacts of IDPs’ NGOs.

Donor: The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation

Brief Description of Assignment(s) carried out and their results:

Activity 1.

Four 3-days sessions in Ukraine (Odesa and Chernivtsi) and Georgia (Kvemo Kartli and Samegrelo) for youth among IDPs & local youth with following parts:


  • Training on tools of effective cooperation with local authorities (1 days)
  • Open space on problems, needs and opportunities of IDPs in new environment (0,5 day)
  • Workshop on sketching for murals supervised by professional mural painters (1,5 days)


Participants: youth among IDPs, local youth, local activists & representatives of IDPs’ NGOs or NGOs dealing with IDPs’ issues.

After all sessions, there will be announced competition among the project participants in each project location – only 1 sketch pro location will be selected. The jury – representatives of local authorities, professional painters, local activists (min. 3 persons in general). We expect to gather min. 10 sketches in general for the competition.

Number of participants – 100.

Activity 2.

After the selection of best sketches, we will launch the process of getting permissions by local authorities. But the main activity is realization of sketched murals (4 murals).

Participants: participants of local project sessions as well as community members. Professional painters will be engaged to support the whole process.

Number of participants per each painting session: 15-30 persons (45-90 persons in total).

Duration of each painting session: 2 days.

Sizes of murals: max. 2,5m x 4m.

Media support: Information about murals will be disseminated via social media & other sources in order to get more attention to the activity. There will be official openings with representatives of local community activists & authorities. At the same time results of this activity will be presented during the activity 3 in form of small photo exhibition (photos will be taken during the painting process).

Activity 3.

2 days bilateral session in Ukraine (Odesa) on opportunities for IDPs’ NGOs and NGOs dealing with IDPs’ issues within cross-border cooperation programmes and networking.

Participants: young activists among IDPs, representatives of IDPs’ NGOs or NGOs dealing with IDPs’ issues (all – participants of the projects’ sessions within activity 1). Selection will be maid based on activity during the whole project and motivation letter written by the pretenders (explaining their ability to use such information etc.).

Number of participants: 25 persons (10 from Georgia, 15 from Ukraine).

Profile(s) of Professional Staff Provided by Your Organization: management, trainings, support of development & implementation of local initiatives.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff: management, trainings, mural preparation & negotiation with authorities, final conference.

Partners in the project: NGO “GAEN” (Georgia)


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