About organization

Youth Alternative, a non-government, non-profit organization created in 1994 aimed at encouraging Ukrainian young people to participate actively in Ukraine’s political and social life.

The mission of the organization is to involve young people to political life of Ukraine with the help of organizing internships in government (parliament, local government), to form a new generation of politicians for independent Ukraine, and to advance democratic values among young people, to promote public participation (specifically youth participation) in the political process.

For 19 years Youth Alternative has worked for civil society development in Ukraine as the basis of an independent, democratic, constitutional state.

Focus areas:

  • Administering of internships in government;
  • Support relationships and cooperation with interns;
  • Ensuring effective collaboration of youth and youth associations with state and local authorities;
  • Collaboration with other internship programs, research centers, youth NGOs in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Realization of studying for interns: workshops, trainings, roundtables, research, etc;
  • Conducting research of policies at national and regional levels;
  • Conducting research on current human rights issues, youth policy, environment, gender equality, etc;
  • Development creativity, skills, self-organization, self-identity of young people the ability to assert their rights
  • Realization of innovative potential of young people on behalf of social development and the development of young people

Strategic objectives of the NGO Youth Alternative:

  • Ensure openness and transparency of government and local government in Ukraine.
  • Promote democratic ideas and values among young people, to activate public participation (specifically youth participation) in the political process.
  • Formation of the political elite of the Ukrainian young generation.

NGO Youth Alternative’s priority areas:

Education Policy. Research on the implementation of the Bologna system in Ukraine, its positive and negative aspects, examining opportunities for Ukrainian youth access to higher education in European universities, increasing demand of young professionals in the labor market and increase their employment opportunities in the EU, assistance the integration of young people in the international community.

Local Government. Analysis of the programs and strategies of socio-economic development of the region, local budgets of relevant administrative units, decisions of local authorities for compliance with the real situation and the expectations of citizens, writing by young and active people their own socially important projects for the regions, where they live, and its implementation

Youth Entrepreneurship. Draw attention of the public and the authorities to the problem of youth unemployment and promotion of youth entrepreneurship as a possible solution to this problem. Identify areas of youth entrepreneurship, development of concepts, strategies, policy recommendations and programs of the Government, local authorities and society to implement its provisions.

Interethnic relations. Overcoming stereotypes and biases in inter-ethnic relations among young people, attracting young people to conduct cross-cultural dialogue, organizing and conducting investigations of ethnic policy at the regional level.

Ecology. Implementation of environmental studies at the local level, involving young people in the implementation of environmental projects.






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