Exchange trips "United in diversity: overcoming stereotypes and conflicts, establishing dialogue between young people of the East, South and West of Ukraine".

23-25.05.2015, Rivne

Main topics and activities:

  • Aims, programm, expectations and participants of the training. Video-chat with collegues from other regions.
  • Civil controll over authorities, media control.
  • Government and community cooperation.
  • Videos about public control in the city.
  • Communication, stereotypes, manipulation, conflicts.
  • Business games, practical exercises to overcome stereotypes.
  • Disuccion about manipulations.
  • Meeting with the Executive Director of Volyn Resource Center - Ruslana Stasyuk.
  • Conflicts in today's world, style of behavior in conflict.
  • Project Management.
  • Meeting with the Head of Zdolbuniv Regional State Administration - Sergei Kondrachuk.


Ukrainian language