Exchange trips "United in diversity: overcoming stereotypes and conflicts, establishing dialogue between young people of the East, South and West of Ukraine".


24-26.06.2015, Kyiv

Main topics and activities:


  • The Electoral Legislation. What reforms do we already have? What are changes we are waiting for? - with Denis Kovryzhenko, Legal Advisor of International Foundation for Electoral Systems.
  • Reforms in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade: tasks and challenges. - with Vitaly Vlasenko, Advisor of the Minister of Economy and Trade.
  • Anti-corruption reform, what is planned, what is done. The main obstacles. - with Andrey Kuharuk, an independent expert.
  • The Association Agreement. What it gives the young Ukrainians? -with Radoslawa Chekmysheva, PR-coordinator of the International Fund “Renaissance” (earlier - a communication manager of the European program of the NGO “Center UA”).
  • «Open space»: making proposals to the authorities in the context of dialogue and reconciliation between different regions. – with coach Svetlana Salamatova.
  • Excursion to the Parliament.
  • Meeting in the Committee for European Integration.
  • Excursion to the Cabinet of Ministers, meeting with representatives of the press service.
  • Excursion to the “government quarter”.
  • Meeting at the Ministry of Culture with Deputy Minister Rostislav Karandeev. Topic of the meeting: "How should be the state policy in the sphere of culture in order to overcome regional differences and stereotypes in Ukraine? Development of inter-regional cooperation."
  • Meeting at the Ministry of Social Policy with Minister Pavlo Rozenko. Topic: "Reforms of the social sphere. The main challenges and achievements."
  • Meeting at the State Institute of Family and Youth Policy with Irina Pesha. Topic of the meeting: "How should be the state youth policy in the context of inter-regional cooperation and conflict in the East of Ukraine?"
  • Meeting in the Ministry of Education with Inna Sovsun, Deputy Minister of Education. Topic:"Reform of the education in Ukraine. The main challenges and achievements."



In our newsletters we published information about each city we have visited, about participants from different regions - about their stereotypes and key messages to other participants, about the evaluation of each trip and about the importance of such projects. Furthermore, we published the thoughts and answers of participant at such topics/questions like how did the war influence the process of uniting in Ukraine etc.

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