1st session of the new project “Youth among IDPs: help yourself and others resolving urgent problems” on 27th - 29th of July 2015 in Kharkiv.

This project includes 5 three-day training for youth from among the IDPs and is realized by YA with the support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine. According to the results of monitoring of Kharkiv region there is ca. 182.000 internally displaced persons (IDP) and big part of them are young people who study at different institutions of higher education.

Main topics of the project: how to deal with psychological problems of young people among the IDPs (especially the adaptation of young people at new places, overcoming main stereotypes and solving conflicts, how to resist manipulation); how to find a job in new conditions, how to open own business (methods and success stories): how to defend your rights and influence/cooperate with the (local) government – mechanism and examples.

During trainings coaches from Kharkiv talked about effective methods of finding work under new conditions, opening own business etc. Speaker Oleg Kulinich explained in interactive way how to defend your own rights and influence the government being IDP. Business coach Elena Reshetnyak showed how to open a business in the modern world. Participants even have calculated all risks and financial rewards of some business ideas and future profits of its expansion.

In the round table organized during the project took part representatives of government institutions that directly communicate and resolve existing problems of IDPs. Natalia Pakhucha - Head of the Kharkiv regional employment center, noted that now special staffs are created in order to resolve issues on jobs providing. She also mentioned official statistics - so on 07/24/15were registered in the employment center 3518 IDP. Unemployed are 2771, employed - 1502 (incl. 114 people who have started their own business).

During the roundtable were voiced such suggestions for overcoming problems of IDPs in the Kharkiv region:

  • Adopted law "On wage compensation of IDPs from all taxes" is a big plus but there is no implementation mechanism. It had to be developed as soon as possible.
  • There is a great need for material encouraging of young people who come to study from other regions. (For example, some universities provide free students dormitory)
  • Many young people underestimate employment center. We have to brake this stereotype.
  • There should be conducted training, lectures for pro-rectors on educational work on tools of working with IDPs.
  • Create a "youth groups" at universities, where students can work in summer and help universities.
  • The procurement with establishing contacts between voluntary organizations, youth NGOs, authorities in solving the problems of IDPs and deeper informing about all opportunities are needed.
  • Do not focus on the fact that the person is an IDP/refugee because people start to feel themselves as a burden to the society.


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