«Information Support to the EU Networks in Ukraine»

Client: EU Delegation to Ukraine

Duration: 2020-2023



  • promotes the dissemination of information about the EU and Ukraine's European integration processes;
  • supports the networking of EU networks that act as promoters of European values ​​and information on the EU, encouraging interaction between networks;
  • called to acquaint the youth audience of Ukraine with the EU and to unite the most active of those who promote European values ​​in Ukraine.


Project website https://euroquiz.org.ua/

Profile(s) of Professional Staff Provided by Your Organization: promotion of the Euroquiz game, facilitating implementation of the Euroclubs’ projects, organising EU Career Days, supporting events organized by Team Europe, and holding a series of annual meetings of the EU Networks.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

During 2 years were:


  • organized - 35 EU Career Days,
  • implemented and facilitated more than 50 of the Euroclubs’ projects
  • organised - 9 Team Europe events, 2 annual meetings of the EU Networks
  • organized more than 40 trainings for EU networks
  • more than 30000 young peoples took the part Euroquiz game



Ukrainian language