Cultural development regions

In this book there are attempts to analyze the program of cultural development in Ukraine, to clarify the meaning of Euro 2012 for the cultural development of the country, to identify problems and unresolved issues, to express their own vision on how to reform the cultural sphere in Ukraine.


Formation of regional youth policy

Youth is an active component of modern Ukrainian society. Nowadays active young people are the carrier of intellectual capacity, and the main driving and determining factor of the socio-economic progress. Nation-building process in Ukraine depends on the ability of young people to be active, competent and creative force.


Reform of the judicial system in Ukraine

Reform of the judicial system in Ukraine is the scale process. The working group on judicial reform was created to carry out such reforms. The task of it was the improvement of the judicial system by developing proposals to amend the law without amending the Constitution of Ukraine. The working group included experts from the government, judges, representatives of higher education institutions, academics, MPs.


The global economic crisis: challenges for Ukraine

The phrase "global economic crisis" entered into communion, our life and has become commonplace. What does it mean? What are the origins of this? How has the economic crisis influenced on Ukraine as the part modern world? What should we expect in the future? All this is in the brochure "The global economic crisis: challenges for Ukraine"


Ukraine in the current globalization processes: trends and prospects

From the XX century, globalization trends covered the world and won at the end of the century surely. Nowadays, globalization as a process has begun to influence not only on the development of state institutions, but also ordinary citizens.


Parliament elections 2012: future perspectives

Elections are one of way to form government institutions and local self-governments. Free elections are one of characteristics of democratic society. It’s difficult to imagine democratic country without elections. Elections give an opportunity to form authorities and to control them. But not all elections are an element of democracy. It’s very important to conduct elections compliance with all important democratic procedures.


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